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Our two day digital event has concluded, with participants from all over the world attending keynote sessions, Q&As and panel discussions focused on online marketplaces and related topics including sustainability, cross-border selling and more.

With sessions from industry leading brands such as eBay, Meta, Coupang, Mars, and thought leaders including Murray Lambell, Chloë Thomas, Josh Gardner and Thomas Panton, businesses of all sizes shared information, updates, data and insights into the world of online marketplaces.

RWB 2022 was an event not to be missed, but if you were unable to attend, all the sessions from the two day live event are now available for you to view at your convenience. Simply register to gain access to all 35 sessions.

We would like to extend our thanks to our sponsors and partners without whom this event would not have been possible!


Track 1 - 30 March 2022

March 2020 / March 2022 - It's a Whole New Marketplace World

Leading Ecommerce journalist, Chloe Thomas, will guide us through the significant changes to the online marketplace sector as a result of the pandemic and provide an overview of the current trends.
Panel | Marketplaces and High Streets: A Two-Way Flourishing Opportunity

As a result of the pandemic, the High Street has had to expedite its plans to operate successfully in conjunction with online marketplaces. Hear from Andrew Goodacre, the CEO of Bira, the leading trade association for independent retailers in the UK, and the specialist marketplace, Neartoo, how this is being achieved.
Innovations in the Global Marketplace - eBay 2022

eBay’s Murray Lambell, the VP of trading, will bring us up to date with the recent innovations and developments introduced by eBay to its platform.
Forbidden Commerce - China 2022

Has the pandemic changed the prospects of selling successfully into China? What are the risks? Josh Gardner, the CEO of Kung Fu Data, leading service provider for the sector in China, will guide us through the current landscape.
Panel | B2B Marketplaces: A Solution for International Growth

This panel explores how wholesale marketplaces provide an attractive route to market that can help UK brands grow internationally. Hosted by DIT’s Digital Exporting Programme, we will be joined by Faire, the B2B marketplace platform that connects independent retailers with brand owners to buy and sell online. We will also be joined by a Faire seller to share their experience of working with Faire and how it has enabled them to grow their wholesale business in Europe and/or North America.

The Growth of the Marketplace and Platform Economy with Fruugo and Adyen

Explore how accelerated retailer adoption of marketplaces and platforms presents new challenges as businesses endeavour to adapt and meet the changing needs of their customers. Hear how Fruugo and Adyen have approached the last two years, their successes and challenges and what they believe the next 5 years hold for marketplaces and platforms alike.
The Evolution of the Marketplace: Towards International Inclusiveness Through Fulfillment

Romain Roy, Head of B2B Sales and Partnership, will answer your questions about Rakuten's unique ecosystem and its brand new logistics service: the Rakuten Fulfillment Network.
Keynote | Building for Scale

In this fast changing world of multichannel retail, there are more and more opportunities for merchants to grow. New selling channels, more countries. The world is your oyster.
But where do you place your bets, and how do you ensure your business can cope when things really take off?
Mike will walk you through how to build a business that will scale, powering your growth, and delighting both your customers and staff.
Panel | A More Sustainable Business Strategy (1): Supporting the Green Economy

The topic that is on everyone’s mind – how can we operate in a way that is more sustainable? This panel will explore the issue and provide insights as to how we can, as an industry, achieve sustainability.

Track 2 - 30 March 2022

Panel | Taking the Consumer Experience to the Next Level

Did the payments landscape change due to the pandemic, and how did it help evolve the consumer experience?
How can payments accelerate platform and marketplace growth?
A key focus for Adyen is unified commerce, can you explain what this is and how unified commerce simplifies selling and improves the consumer experience?
How can businesses use payment related customer insights to build a better experience?
The consumer experience tackles everything from checkout to risk management and beyond. What are the best practices for managing payment transaction risk to offer the best buying experience?
What does the next 5 years bring for payments and the consumer experience?
Bring More of Your Money Home when Selling across Borders

Global payments not
paying off for your online business? OFX are specialists in currency management. In this session
they’ll cover tools to help you manage your global payments and how to navigate foreign exchange
risk – which could save you time and money.
As Your Business Grows, the Complexity Doesn’t Have to - A Seamless Approach to Selling Globally

GS1 standards are more than just the black and white lines you see on your products. They allow you to seamlessly trade across multiple territories and channels, all by using a standard, interoperable approach to sharing data. This means, as your business grows, the complexity doesn’t have to.
And, as consumers demand more information about your products, on everything from nutritional value to recyclability of the packaging to the product’s carbon footprint, GS1 standards enable greater transparency that allow you to exceed customer expectations.
Fireside Chat with Dexi: Unlock the Power of DaaS and Limitless Data

DaaS (Data as a Service) is revolutionising the way marketplaces and brands measure, benchmark and optimise their business performance. Previously building your own data strategy and dashboarding eco-system was the prerogative of elite technology firms, now Dexi unlocks the potential of 'limitless data' to everybody without the need to 'buy in more SaaS tools'.

This fireside chat looks at the latest trends and considerations for marketplace and eCommerce data. How to increase automation and efficiency across the business and leverage 'limitless data' to scale exponentially.

Surfing the Wave of Returns in the Post-Pandemic World

Increased sales mean increased returns – how has the returns industry sector addressed the issue? Al Gerrie, CEO of ZigZag Global and leading expert in international delivery and returns, will guide us through the issues.
Enabling a Seamless Online Payment Experience for Your Consumers

Isavella Frangou, the VP of Sales and Marketing at payabl, is a specialist in online payments and fintech and has worked closely with ecommerce merchants. During this session she will explore the processes behind, and the value of, seamless online payments.
Workshop | Discovering eBay Fulfilment

Track 1 - 31 March 2022

Coupang's Guide to Korea's Booming Ecommerce Market

Wired, prosperous and densely populated – it’s no wonder Korea is the world’s 4th largest ecommerce market and its appetite for online shopping shows no signs of waning. If you’re a cross-border seller, Korea and Coupang, the country’s leading ecommerce platform, should be firmly on your list. Since its launch in 2010, Coupang has changed the way Koreans shop online. Now, it is about to change the way you sell by showing you how to leverage Coupang’s massive customer base, support tools and promotional functionalities to ensure your Korean sales journey is a success.
Panel | Fulfilling the Ecommerce Boom

The expansion in marketplace sales has necessitated innovation in the fulfilment world, find out how this is being achieved at this panel session at which you will hear from leading providers of shipping software, Shipstation, Singapore marketplace, Sift and Pick.
Marketplaces Tomorrow with Deloitte

We will hear from Nick Wilsher of Deloitte about the ways that marketplaces are developing to become better places to do business; what trends are emerging, where is funding going and what technologies might be positioned to disrupt marketplaces.
Entering the Pan African Ecommerce Market

The marketplace, Jumia, will highlight key, current issues.
Insight Q&A with eBay

Current, key issues are explored with eBay.
Tailoring the marketplace opportunity for your own business growth

In this session Emma Cole, Global Seller Experience Manager at Mirakl, will start by discussing the marketplace opportunity for retailers today and how retailers can tailor the marketplace business model to their own business and assortment needs in order to meet the evolving needs of their customers- and grow. Join this session if you would like to learn how you can use marketplaces to achieve your business and assortment goals whilst remaining aligned to your brand DNA.

Shedding Light on the B2B Ecommerce Market with

The importance of B2B marketplaces for international sales is growing., the world’s largest B2B marketplace explains why and the future for B2B marketplaces.
Panel | One-Stop-Shop: The Impact of the Changes to EU VAT Rules for Online Marketplace Sales

IOSS has been a huge challenge for marketplaces and sellers alike – what has its impact been? This panel session will navigate the key issues with Avalara, the leading VAT consultancy for the Ecommerce industry.
Panel | The Marketplace Revolution: Increasing Revenue by Leveraging Data-Automation and AI

Today’s consumer is bombarded with images on a daily basis, scrolling nearly 91 meters worth of visual content on their mobile devices. Increased image consumption and greater reliance on marketplaces for daily shopping trips is changing consumer preferences at an unprecedented speed. We share the secret sauce on how leading brands and marketplaces are leveraging the latest data automation and AI technology to revolutise conversion rates and increase revenues.

Track 2 - 31 March 2022

Panel | A More Sustainable Business Strategy (2): Pre-Loved

Focussing again on sustainability, we explore the Pre-Loved sector with eBay.
From up to Date, to up to Data: Boosting Online Sales by Leveraging Data

Accurate data is at the heart of successful selling on marketplaces This session will provide insight into how to leverage data to assist in increasing your sales.
Panel | A Roadmap to Operational Success in Europe

From tax, to working in multiple currencies, and juggling several marketplaces, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to expanding your online business in Europe. OFX, AVASK, Channel Engine, and Allegro come together in this panel to discuss how the right partnerships can help you achieve success.

Panel | Catching up with Consumer Behaviour Shift Post-Pandemic

Leading marketplaces, Matt Purt, CEO of the UK marketplace Secret Sales, Alan Small, Head of EMEA Business Development & Partnerships at the US marketplace, Wish, and the French marketplace, CDiscount, discuss changes in consumer behaviour with Pete Harris, CEO of Warehow Limited.
How to keep cross border trade switched on

Panel | How to Effectively List and Optimise Your Products Online

We shed light on how to list effectively and optimise successfully during this panel session with GS1.


Murray Lambell

VP and General Manager
eBay UK

Murray Lambell is General Manager of eBay UK, leading one of eBay’s biggest markets with 29 million active buyers per month and over 300,000 UK small business sellers.

Growing up with parents who grew a local business from scratch, Murray has always had a passion for helping small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed, recognising the power of the eBay platform in unlocking economic opportunity. He joined eBay Europe in 2008, starting in the loyalty and retention team before becoming the Head of Business Selling Strategy. He then held various commercial and strategy roles in the UK, and was appointed Vice President of Trading in 2017, responsible for all of eBay’s Business to Consumer and Sales & Operations activity.

Judith McElhinney

Ecommerce Specialist
Department of International Trade

Judith is an Ecommerce Specialist at the Department for International Trade, where she helps companies plan their route to market internationally and develop their global ecommerce strategies, as well as managing partnerships with some of the world’s leading ecommerce marketplaces. She has worked in a variety of roles within ecommerce for over 15 years, including at Amazon UK.

Kumaran Adithyan

Trading Director
eBay UK

Kumaran Adithyan is a Senior Director in eBay UK’s business responsible for the Home & Garden, Electronics, Media, Parts & Accessories and Business & Industrial Verticals. Kumaran’s role covers setting the strategic direction for eBay UK’s B2C business, delivering focus category plans across product experience, inventory acquisition & optimisation and go to market plans, and the day to day to deliver of the Vertical P&Ls. Kumaran has been at eBay nearly five years and prior to eBay Kumaran started his career in strategy consulting and then ran the e-commerce business at Boots.

Gerald Hoe

Head of Marketplace

As Coupang’s Head of Global Marketplace, Gerald Hoe leads the growth of Coupang’s rapidly expanding Global Seller business, focusing on sellers outside the Greater China region. Gerald’s primary objective is to enlist high calibre sellers to Coupang Marketplace thus expanding the platform’s global selection. Once onboarded, Gerald’s team ensures all sellers are fully supported with the right tools and guidance to sell more effectively.
Gerald brings a unique skillset to his position as Head of Global Marketplace through his previous experiences working with some of the brightest and most talented individuals in fintech, mobile technology, banking and consulting industries.

Al Gerrie

CEO and Co-Founder
ZigZag Global

Al Gerrie has over 20 years retail, logistics and ecommerce experience as a consultant to major brands and is former Head of Multichannel at OFFICE, Mountain Warehouse, and We Are Pentagon. Al was a very early pioneer in the mobile shopping space, launching one of the first PayPal mobile shopping experiences as early as 2007 (pre-smartphone). He is an expert in international delivery and returns, technical integrations, as well as building ecommerce fulfilment and warehousing solutions with 3rd Party logistics providers.

Colin Neil

UK Managing Director

Colin joined Adyen from Burberry where he'd helped the iconic fashion house create its industry-leading unified commerce experience. During his 30 years in retail, he’s developed a passion for technology and the role it plays in the evolution of customer experience. As Managing Director of Adyen UK, he’s a driving force behind the growth of the UK teams acting as leader, mentor, and ‘uncle Col’ to many. In his spare time, he can be found in Lancashire with his wife, three children, and his ever-growing collection of Nike Limited Edition trainers.

Isavella Frangou

VP of Sales and Marketing

Isavella is the VP of Sales and Marketing at payabl. She is a specialist in online payments, fintech and finance, working closely with ecommerce merchants to help them optimize their payments functionality. For the last 8 years, Isavella has been working with payabl., a licensed payments institution and principal member of Visa and Mastercard. Before joining payabl., she held commercial roles in financial services industry companies, including American Express.

Sarah Atkins

CMO and Membership Director

Sarah provides leadership in marketing, membership experience and SME strategy to enhance the GS1 UK brand, attract, retain and grow new members, and deliver service excellence throughout the customer journey.
She has gained a wealth of experience delivering marketing led business change programmes at several diverse organisations, ranging from property consultancies in the UK to world leaders in luxury outlet retailing. She has expertise in driving customer loyalty though brand and customer engagement and has led many businesses through customer focused transformation.

Edward Wiley

Director, Strategic Partnerships - eCommerce

Ed has been running the ecommerce partnership arm of OFX since 2016, responsible for driving growth and innovation. He regularly shares his wealth of knowledge in the areas of international payments and ecommerce with sellers and partners around the world. By partnering with other leading ecommerce services, Ed is creating educational content and resources to help online sellers take their business global.

Tony Preedy

Managing Director

Tony leads the team at Fruugo. He has over 25 years of experience in direct and digital marketing gained at Shop Direct Group, Otto Group and at multi-channel kitchenware retailer Lakeland. For over a decade he has worked on International Business Development and the creation of new channels to market for retailers, particularly using marketplaces.

Josh Gardner

CEO and Co-Founder
Kung Fu Data

CEO and Co-Founder of Kung Fu Data, an ecommerce partner whose sole mission is to help brands thrive in China’s online marketplaces. He leads from deep in the trenches and operates a portfolio of successful flagship stores on Tmall and JD. Josh has helped hundreds of brand owners with China ecommerce launches and is a recognized expert in market entry, brand control and performance management. From strategy and structure to activation and optimisation, he teaches the fine points of what it takes to win in China’s fast moving ecommerce space.

Mike Hayers

Sales Director for Europe

Mike is the Sales Director for Europe at ShipStation. ShipStation is a web-based application that helps retailers manage their orders and optimises delivery. Mike and his team are focused on understanding their customer's unique fulfilment workflow and helping them work with ShipStation to ensure this is as efficient as possible. Join Mikes presentation or head to the ShipStation virtual booth to learn more!

Paul Simms


Paul has worked within the payments industry for over 20 years. Originally specialising in Fraud Prevention services, Paul has been with Adyen since 2015 with a focus on commercial roles. He has recently joined the Adyen for Platforms team which focusses on supporting Platforms and Marketplaces that wish to deliver flexible secure and International payment services to their customers…simplifying the on boarding and PSD2 requirements for marketplaces, faster payouts and broad geographical coverage.

Jemma Tadd

Head of Trading, UK Fashion

Jemma Tadd is Head of Trading for eBay’s UK Fashion business. Jemma leads the fashion team and is responsible for the overall trading and growth of the fashion category. Jemma has over 13 years of experience in fashion and retail, and has previously held commercial and marketing roles at Zalando and The Hut Group.

Apoorva Kumar

Senior Vice President of Logistics Services
Jumia Group

Apoorva joined Jumia in 2013, and he is in charge of All Supply Chain Operations and Cross Border Business across the Group. His journey started in Nigeria, and since then he has managed a spectrum of roles in the company, such as setting a supply chain across the Jumia countries and acting CEO of Jumia Egypt from 2017 to 2019. Before joining Jumia, Apoorva gained experience in retail and e-commerce with Flipkart, Titan, Tata Steel, and Tata Chemicals in India. Apoorva holds an MBA from IIM Calcutta and an Electronics Engineering Degree from VTU in India.

Andrew Goodacre


Andrew Goodacre has been the CEO of Bira since 2018 and is passionate about working with the high street and supporting small businesses. Mr Goodacre has a strong background in retail and hospitality, and since taking up the role, has been integral in pushing forward independent retailers and showcasing their importance of them being at the very heart of every good high street throughout the UK and a vital part of life and the economy within local communities. He started his career in hospitality, spending 25 years working in the retail divisions of national breweries and pub companies. Andrew was also formerly a member of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) before becoming the CEO of the Residential Landlords Association in 2013.​

Romain Roy

Head of B2B Sales
Rakuten France

After 7 years in the tourism industry, Romain Roy joined Rakuten France in 2016 as a Business Developer in order to organise and manage the new development strategy. He currently holds the position of Head of B2B Sales for Rakuten France.

William French

Senior Manager - Fulfilment
eBay UK

Will leads the Fulfilment team at eBay UK, looking after the Seller experience and working closely with partners to help Sellers grow their business.

Monica Bird

Head of Marketplaces

With more than ten years’ experience in e-commerce businesses like and Rakuten, Monica joined GS1 UK in 2013 and currently leads the marketplace strategy in the UK. Her team support all members joining GS1 UK to trade on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Alibaba. They provide members with the support and confidence to grow their local business and expand across borders. The team also work with marketplaces to improve the seller and customer experience by improving the quality of product data.

Bryan Courtney-Bennett

Global Commercial SVP

Bryan Courtney Bennett is the Global Commercial SVP at Dexi. Bryan has worked in SaaS technology, specifically Data, for over 20 years. His experience is extensive across many verticals such as finance, technology, automotive, retailers and manufacturers, all from an online perspective. Over the last 4 years, Bryan’s focus has been enabling teams to deliver strategic intelligence & insight through data to Brand Manufacturers and online retailers. While delivering SaaS platforms has been a specialty of Bryan’s over the years, more recently his focus has turned to enabling brands with choice and flexibility through Data as a Service, which delivers far more control and customisation to the end users on how they leverage data.

Alan Small

Head of EMEA Business Development & Partnerships

Alan Small has over 10 years of experience in ecommerce, having launched his own online stores and a leading EU marketplace for students. Alan joined Wish in July 2020 to head up their EMEA Business Development & Partnership team, responsible for the growth and success of US, EMEA & LATAM merchants on Wish.

Rebecca Griffiths

Founder & CEO

Rebecca is a highly experienced CX innovator, having worked in multiple high-profile businesses which have been at the forefront of the drive towards an eCommerce world (including, amongst others, Amazon). Rebecca has been at the centre of some major initiatives during her time at Amazon, being integral to the Amazon Prime team between 2008 and 2016.

Rebecca is passionate about all things CX and in 2020 decided to go it alone and set up Primis: a digital-first customer experience tool pioneering the next generation of CX and is now forging ahead with making sure all brands provide CX the focus it deserves.

Cristian Zainea

eCommerce & Marketplaces Partnerships Director

Cristian is a partnership development expert focusing on solving process, risk and regulatory challenges at the interface of eCommerce and Payments.

He currently leads Europe eCommerce Business at OFX, a cross border payments PLC

Lorna Leaver

Engagement Manager

With a background in retail ecommerce and specialising in marketplaces, Lorna joined GS1’s engagement team to use her experience in trading online to help sellers and marketplaces come together using industry standards to improve buying experiences for customers. She previously ran the marketplace operations for global retailers such as Mothercare, Early Learning Centre, and most recently the shoe retailer Dune London.

Thomas Panton


Thomas is a two-time founder with and Festovers, and ex face-to-face team for Greenpeace UK. Festovers was the first company to be specifically contracted by festivals to collect leftover waste to be upcycled and repurposed at scale. Greenr is being built as the first sustainable marketplace to quantify the impact of products purchased on the platform with real data and statistics.

Alumni of the University of East Anglia, his MSc in Climate Change and International Development gives him insight into multiple sectors’ sustainability journey, and he works closely with the Norfolk Chambers of Commerce in advising on how businesses across the region can hit their Net Zero targets.
Mike Adams

Mike Adams OBE


Mike Adams is CEO of Purple, an organisation changing the disability conversation with business. Purple see disability as a value opportunity and Mike is leading the development of products and services which are beginning to transform the landscape across all business sectors. Purple Tuesday, created and co-ordinated by Mike, has achieved national acclaim for its contribution to changing the customer experience for disabled people, including online accessibility. Mike’s previous working track record includes being one of the senior management team at the Disability Rights Commission, Director of the National Disability Team for higher education and co-director of a disability research centre at Coventry University. Mike was awarded an OBE in 2012 for his services to disability.

Roman Vorobiev

Global Design Director
Mars Petcare

Delivering distinctive and long lasting identities for global FMCG brands. Growing capabilities and culture of brand design within the organisation and amongst our agency partners. Driving effectiveness and efficiency of our investments in design. Roman graduated from Moscow State University in 1998. Joined Wrigley from Coca-Cola in 2008. Promoted to Global Design Director role in Mars Petcare in 2015. Prior to Coca-Cola Roman worked at the agency side in Moscow.

Mathieu Paulien-Iribarren

International Partnership Developer

Working closely with partners and marketplace sellers across the world, Mathieu knows the ins and outs of ecommerce businesses and the challenges they face.
An expert in Cdiscount and in the French ecommerce market, he helps businesses to integrate and maximize their selling potential with Cdiscount marketplace.

Lars Fiddy

Client Development Director

Lars Fiddy is the Client Development Director at Dexi, covering the EMEA and APAC regions. He has spent over 18 years working in marketing and business information solutions across retail, technology and engineering. Over the last 8 years, Lars has focused on digital transformation and eCommerce, supporting global intelligence programmes with some of the world's largest brand manufacturers and retailers. At Dexi Lars is pioneering new DaaS strategies that are revolutionising how brands, retailers and marketplaces can leverage the true power of data and unlock its limitless potential.

Chloë Thomas

Author and Podcast Host
eCommerce MasterPlan

Chloë Thomas is a best selling Author, International Speaker, and host of both the Award-winning eCommerce MasterPlan AND Keep Optimising Podcasts.
Chloë is one of the Top 30 eCommerce Influencers 2021 (Scurri), and her podcasts are regularly included in lists of the top eCommerce & marketing podcasts in the world.
Chloë Thomas has been in eCommerce since 2003, and there’s barely a part of the eCommerce landscape she’s not got involved with. One thing she’s always done is solve eCommerce Marketing Problems.

Adam Colasanto

Director of Consumer Intelligence

Adam Colasanto is the Director of Consumer Intelligence at Vizit. Adam came to VIZIT with more than a decade of experience leading consumer intelligence, market research and data insight teams at agencies like ICUC, Edelman Intelligence and Crimson Hexagon.

Yan Chan

Head of Strategy
Sift and Pick

Coming from rich e-commerce backgrounds across companies like Zilingo, Reebelo and Lazada, Yan brings to Sift & Pick a wealthy experience across multiple expertise, including vendor management, market expansion and cross-border supply chains. In her free time, Yan enjoys drinking coffee and spending time with her pets, Volvo the dog and Malty the chinchilla.

Pete Harris


Pete has over 30 years’ experience with Argos and Sainsburys with in depth knowledge across retail, ecommerce and fulfilment. Pete has a successful track record of finding innovative and effective solutions and taking these from concept to BAU at pace. Amongst other ventures he scoped, set up and then led Argos’ clearance stores and wider clearance operations; the Argos store on eBay (taking this to the first $100m equivalent turnover eBay store in Europe) and home delivery solutions for Argos in the ROI. Pete is the CEO and operational lead for Warehow.

Darren Townsend

Managing Director and Co-Founder
Locally UK

Darren Townsend is Managing Director and Co-founder of Locally UK. Having previously owned and managed a High Street Retail store for over 20 years, Darren recognised the barriers presented to SME's when looking to create a digital profile or begin trading online. Making technology and digital solutions accessible to all was the driving force that led to the birth of Locally UK - a small tech company putting SME's at the forefront of their developments.

Locally UK provided hyper-local marketplaces that proved to be a lifeline for so many independent businesses before and during the pandemic, opening consumers' eyes to the importance of shopping locally. Darren has built a team that not only specialise in their relevant fields, but share a passion to see independent businesses thrive in the ever changing retail landscape

Zornitsa Dobreva

Marketplace Strategic Partnerships
Arcade Retail

Zornitsa has more than 10 years of experience in the ecommerce industry. She has held various positions within Arcade Retail, instrumental to the successful launch of brands and retailers on international marketplaces – from the initial steps of opening the accounts, through making sure that all operational issues of logistics, duties, localisation, etc are sorted out to the successful trading of the products on the marketplaces. In her current position, Zornitsa’s focus is on enabling new cross-border opportunities and building strong relationships with the international marketplaces.

Graham Broughton


Drawing on his 10+ years in the ecommerce and automotive industry working with the largest OEM and Aftermarket Brands in Europe, initially as Sales Director of a multi-million aftermarket online car parts business and then as the Managing Director of marketplace specialists, We Are Pentagon, Graham is an ecommerce thought leader with a proven track record to deliver marketplace success and innovation. A member of the Deloitte Ventures Marketplace Leaders Community, Graham is well-connected within the marketplaces space, and acutely aware of its challenges and opportunities. As the CEO of Autofixa, Graham is currently on a mission to help automotive brands capitalise on the nascent digitalisation of their industry.

Richard Noordervliet

Team Lead Partnerships Europe
Channel Engine

Richard Noordervliet has over 15 years of experience in sales, partnerships, and business development management roles. For the last 8 years, he has specialized in the setup and roll-out of new business lines in start and scale-ups focussing on implementing sales and partnership strategies in various verticals. Richard now heads up the EMEA partnership team at one of the fastest-growing marketplace integrators ChannelEngine, where we help brands, distributors, and retailers connect to international Marketplaces and sales channels while optimizing sales, minimizing time, and maximizing profit and reach.

Steve Abbis

Managing Director
We Are Pentagon

Steve has 20 years of ecommerce experience within both agency and client businesses. Steve has worked with businesses such as Apple, Argos, Sainsbury's, Tesco, John Lewis and Morrisons leading marketing, ecommerce and customer experience teams and projects. Today Steve is leading the Pentagon Commerce team to define and deliver Marketplace strategies and growth for clients leveraging the expertise of the Pentagon team and longstanding relationships with marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Zalando.

Kevin Dixie

Managing Director and Founder

Kevin and his team specialise in all things Amazon. The best way to sell, how to get brands accepted, opening closed categories, optimising listings, building stores and content. He has worked with and set up over 500 companies on Amazon, working from start-ups with an idea to corporates. Having over 30 years in sales and marketing, Kevin has a wealth of start-up experience and with over 7 years of pure Amazon work, can advise at any level. Other experience includes founding a number of tech start-ups, selling to retail, working with multiple governments and raising VC funding.

Hellen Stirling-Baker

Small Stuff

Since founding Small Stuff in 2016, Hellen Stirling-Baker has spoken regularly about her experiences as the owner of a sustainable online and bricks and mortar business and has experience selling creating exciting multi-channel experiences. She is a champion of the local high-street and independent businesses, a vocal advocate for the introduction of genuinely eco-conscious standards across the retail sector and passionate about challenging harmful corporate greenwashing and wasteful practices throughout the supply chain.

David Friedrichs


David Friedrichs is Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Cerqular, one of the largest and fastest growing sustainable marketplace platforms globally with hundreds of top verified sustainable and purpose-driven brands, tens of thousands of products and a presence in 21 countries - all within 1 year of bootstrapping.

Australian by nationality, David has decades of experience living, working and building top brands in Europe, Asia and now the US with Cerqular - a business solution to the climate change problem.

With 20 years' experience building sustainable consumer brands, across multiple continents, David experienced the huge disconnect between sustainable brands, shoppers and available platforms.

David and his Co-Founder Janine are on a mission to make sustainable, purpose-driven and circular brands the new shopping norm by making every online shopping experience 100% guilt-free.

David holds a double Bachelor's degree in Law (LLB) and Commerce from the University of Adelaide. David and the Cerqular team are based in LA, California.

Olivier Buffon

Head of International

Olivier Buffon is Head of International at Faire, an online wholesale marketplace connecting 460,000 independent retailers and brands across the globe. In his role, Olivier oversees Faire's international scaling and expansion strategy. Olivier joined Faire in June 2021, bringing unique global marketplace growth experience from his prior roles. He most recently led Airbnb Experiences for EMEA and the Americas, scaling operations from a small test to a growing marketplace helping over 50,000 passionate hosts around the world connect with millions of travelers. Prior to Airbnb, Olivier launched social payments startup, Tilt, in Europe, which was later acquired by Airbnb. He also previously spent time as an operations leader at HgCapital, and as a consultant at McKinsey. Born and raised in France, Olivier now lives in the U.K., overseeing Faire's office in London.

Warren Jonas

CEO & Co-Founder
Wild & Stone

Warren Jonas is CEO and Co-Founder of Wild & Stone, whose vision is to create Eco-Luxe products that make the world a healthier planet and on a mission to remove single use items from our homes. He is focused on rapid business growth by creating a wide range of Eco-Luxe products and helping as many consumers make small eco lifestyle changes. When compounded together these changes will make a huge impact to the planets health and help reduce the climate crisis which is impacting everyone around the world.

Sanja Kon


Sanja is a digital executive, entrepreneur, investor and public speaker with extensive experience in delivering sustainable revenue growth both in multinationals and startups. All of her work is deeply rooted in her ideals of diversity, inclusion and continuous improvement.

As the CEO at UTRUST, the leading European Web3 payment platform, Sanja is currently setting the groundwork for a future where crypto payments truly become a mainstream alternative to traditional methods
Sanja served as an executive for PayPal, Vodafone, and eBay.

Sanja has an excellent track record as a public speaker, influencer and investor, having spoken about her views on progress at many international conferences, with women’s rights and inclusion as strong linchpins.

Helena Carre

Real Time Digital Performance Director

Mars Pet Nutrition in the global data-driven marketing team in the newly created role of Global Real-Time Digital Performance lead.

Prior to joining Mars, in her last two roles, Helena was Digital Insights & Analytics leader at Bain & Co and before that Head of EMEA Omnichannel Analytics at Kimberly Clark Corp. She has lots of experience in driving digital transformation both from a consulting angle as well as from within large cooperation.

Helena is passionate about scout technology, datasets and creating smart measurements to be able to build capabilities to help businesses bring them closer to the consumer’s wants and needs in their journey at the right cost/benefit ratio. I am curious to find the right solutions and datasets to be stitched together by focusing on the business problem. She focuses on making things happen through a hands-on approach, scaling it and continuously re-iterate the solution to achieve an optimum holistic platform for companies.

Emma Cole

Global Seller Experience Manager

Emma has been with Mirakl for the last 2.5 years and started as a Senior Business Consultant for the UK/IE & Nordics. Now Emma is the Global Seller Experience Lead for Mirakl Connect, focusing on Mirakl's high quality platform that supports sellers to easily onboard onto Mirakl Marketplaces. With over 10 years experience in retail and technology businesses in both start-ups and larger companies, Emma brings extensive B2C experience in business development, marketing and marketplace strategy. Emma carries with her hands-on knowledge on how to create revenue channels through a marketplace model based on expertise and understanding of the industry's landscape, trends and competitors within EMEA.

Laura Harrison

Head of Trading Analysis and Profit
Arcade Retail

Laura has 25 years retail experience specialising in Merchandising and supply chain across different market sectors and brands such as Paperchase, Burberry and Argos. Her career focus has always been on efficiency and selling at the right price supported by data to build forward looking forecasts. Driving multi-channel retail sales including marketplace strategy has meant she has been part of a number of transformational projects that look for cost efficiency and great customer metrics to underpin the profit potential of change.
With cross border strategy taking a shake up post Brexit managing the costs has never been so important to businesses selling overseas and Arcade supports brands who see the opportunity. With the Arcade Commercial team Laura reviews the trends in category sales and the ROI of promotional levers whilst tracking the individual cost of trading with each marketplace. This gives great insight into managing activity and what customers will be looking for from the ranges we look after as part of the sales process.
Laura also supports leadership development with individuals who are looking to charge up their careers by continuing the work she did in her corporate roles through mentoring. She feels passionately that more can be done to support up and coming leaders so they are invested in early on to find their unique styles so they can contribute to positive and productive culture within their teams and businesses.

Fan Wu

Sourcing Manager

She is responsible for expanding the cooperation network with the platform’s closest partners from the APAC region.

Dr. Angelos Katsaris

Professional Services Director

As the Professional Services Director of AVASK, Dr Angelos Katsaris has created a culture in which sees itself as a component piece of its clients rather than a distinct separate entity. At the same time, he believes one of his core missions is to unlock the potential of budding entrepreneurs. Angelos believes strongly that overseas expansion can be challenging, but when the administrative burden is lifted off an entrepreneur’s shoulders, life does become a bit easier.

David O'Reilly

Independent Consultant
Redg Consultancy

David has over 30 years of marketing and commercial experience in Retail and E-commerce. Currently CEO at Barracudas and NED at UK flooring direct he has held board level roles at Maplin Electronics, JD Outdoor, Williams Medical, Bath Empire and Kingsbridge contractor insurance.

Andrew Norman

General Manager
ShipStation Europe

Andrew is responsible for global expansion within the Auctane family of companies in Europe, overseeing the local go to market plans for the ShipStation and ShipEngine products. Andrew has held sales and marketing leadership roles in Europe, North America and Asia over the last 25 years in VC backed, high growth technology companies including Volo and MessageLabs (acquired by Symantec). He began his career at Gartner Group in London working with European technology companies before transferring to Silicon Valley, working with the major US hardware and software vendors.

Chris Brook-Carter

Retail Trust

Chris has been a passionate supporter, advocate and champion of UK retail across his entire career. Prior to joining the Retail Trust, Chris was the Managing Director and Senior Vice President of Retail Week - the most influential media brand in UK retail – and the World Retail Congress, the single biggest gathering of global retail’s leadership each year. Chris led these brands, as editor in chief or more recently as MD and SVP for ten years, transforming the business from a weekly print title, into a digital-first information and global events brand that continues to sit at the heart of global retail by delivering on its mission to inform, connect and inspire the leaders that continue to colour this great sector.

Lucy Stewart

Head Of Global Sales and business development

Lucy has almost 10 years end to end experience working across multichannel retailing in D2C ecommerce, distribution, international marketplace trading and strategic development for a fast-growing British brand. She now works as Head of Global Sales for Vivobarefoot, whose vision is to reconnect people and planet by creating regenerative footwear and experiences to bring people closer to nature. Vivobarefoot is a B Corporation certified business for good. B Corp are for-profit companies that use the power of business to build more inclusive and sustainable economies. These values are at the core of everything Vivo do, and everything which I personally stand by

Nick Wilsher

Ventures Regional & Studio Lead
Deloitte LLP

Nick is the Marketplace Studio lead for Deloitte Ventures; he runs corporate R&D experiments on how marketplaces will impact the way in which work gets done in the future. Nick and his team also research new technologies and what role marketplaces might play in those spaces, from ESG to deep tech to DAOs. Being based in Yorkshire, Nick also leads Deloitte Ventures U.K. activity across offices outside of London.

Zsofia Nagy

Tax Technology Solutions Manager - EMEA

Zsofia enjoys working in a fast-paced environment and leading complex software automation conversations. She has a passion helping businesses internationally with their indirect tax compliance with Avalara’s market leading tax automation solutions.

Paul Woodward

Trade & Customs Specialist
Institute of Export

A trade and customs specialist at the IOE&IT Academy, Paul has over 25 years of international trade compliance experience with a deep understanding of the global trade environment. He is also the IOE&IT’s lead international marketing tutor.

He has developed and implemented international trade controls and compliance regimes for several businesses, ranging from local SMEs to multinational corporates.

Stephen Bartholomew

EMEA VAT Solutions Manager

Stephen joined Avalara in February 2021, as a VAT Solutions Manager, specialising in indirect tax compliance. Integral to his role is working with non-resident companies to explore VAT compliance solutions. A huge number of UK businesses are now trying to navigate the complexities of EU and global compliance, particularly with the introduction of the IOSS and Union OSS simplifications. As a compliance specialist, Stephen supports businesses to understand their VAT obligations, but also find the most suitable solutions as they expand into new markets.

Danail Deltchev

Technology Director
We Are Pentagon

Danail studied Computer Science and Management in New Bulgarian University. Has been in every aspect of the ecommerce journey with We Are Pentagon Group and has been connected with the shaping of the Hemi technology since its creation in 2015. Currently responsible for managing Hemi's overall operations. This includes setting the overall vision and path for the platform, driving profitability, managing company organizational structure and strategy

Michela Rubegni

Head of Marketing and Communication EU

Michela joins Alibaba Group in June 2020 with the goal of creating from scratch a team capable of planning and managing an integrated marketing and communication strategy for spreading the opportunities and tools of, the leading platform of B2B e-commerce, in Italy and Europe, thus supporting the digitization of European SMEs.

Michela has 10 years of experience in Marketing, acquired working in various multinationals and sectors: she was Marketing & PR Manager for the German market for the Calzedonia Group, she was then in charge of defining communication in entertainment for FOX International Channels (sky), and from Berlin she was responsible for the Italian market within the Marketing and Communication strategy of Zalando, the number one fashion e-commerce player in Europe.

Julia Waneka

Head of Communications

Julia Waneka is the head of communications at Faire, a curated wholesale marketplace connecting more than 400,000 independent retailers with 60,000 emerging and established brands. Julia has nearly 15 years of experience working in strategic communications and representing established brands and start-ups. Prior to joining Faire, Julia started The Story Dept, where she worked in PR and brand consulting services for impact-based companies. She was also the head of communications at Whistle Labs, a technology company dedicated to pets that went on to be acquired by Mars Petcare.

Carl Walker

Co-founder and Managing Director
Go Thrift

Co-founder and Managing Director of Go Thrift, who are one of the UKs leading and fastest growing used clothing retailers. Recently featured in The Times rising stars of business series, and winner of eBays sustainable seller award, Go Thrift are on a mission to combat fast fashion pollution by making sustainable fashion choices more affordable.