Shaped by previous delegates, Retail Without Borders is focused on providing an educational forum where retailers and ecommerce innovators can share, discuss and collaborate on ideas to accelerate online success.

This two day ecommerce event will introduce marketplace platforms from around the world and share case studies from successful online retailers as part of panel and keynote discussions.




9:30 – 9:50
Direct to Consumer 2.0

Daniel Finley, CEO, Debenhams
10:00 – 10:40
Cross Border Sales: Unlocking Global Growth

Judith McElhinney Ecommerce Specialist, Department for Business and Trade
David Murray, Market Manager, Unineed
Michael Joules, Head of Marketplaces, Pertemba
Patrick Kelly, COO,
Moderator: Tracy Cordova Director of Marketplace, Walmart
10:50 – 11:10
The Best Strategies to Navigate Cross Border Marketplaces

Dex van Hofwegen, Director of Sales EMEA, Channel Engine


9.55 – 10.15
Marketplaces, Innovation & Value. The Race Beyond Efficiency

Nick Wilsher, Director, NRW Ventures
10.25 – 11.05
Fulfilment by Marketplaces

Moderator: Danail Deltchev,Technology Director, Hemi Connect
Pete Harris, CEO, Warehow
Stewart Ireland, VP of logistics, Secret Sales
Zornitsa Dobreva, Head of Services, Autofixa
Cameron Lennon, Sales Director Europe-UK, Getida

Coffee break

11.30 - 12.10
Making Our Packaging Fully Accessible For The First Time - Courtesy Of The Accessible QR Code

Sarah Masters, Head of Digital Marketing Europe & UKI, Unilever
Marc Powell, Accessibility, Innovation Lead, RNIB
Caspar Thykier, Co-Founder & CEO, Zappar
Moderator: Mark Hewitt, Brand and Digital Transformation Partner, CEC
12.20 - 12.40
Global Expansion - Challenges and Opportunities

Håkan Thyr, Chief Revenue Officer, Fruugo

Lunch Break

13.40 – 14.30
Navigating the Challenges of Selling Cross Border into the EU

Joeri Groenewoud, Vice President of Sales, Global-e
Jim Herbert, CEO, Patchworks
Dr Angelos Karsaris, Professional Services Director / Partner, Avask,
Alex Tucker, VP eCommerce, THG Ingenuity
Susan Roe, International Trade Specialist, Ecommerce Trade Commission
Moderator: Emma Jones, Lead - Digital Commerce Alliances and Retail & Luxury Strategic Partnerships, Department for Business and Trade
14.40 - 15.00
Reframing Marketplace Acessibility in 2023

Mike Adams, CEO, EnableAll
Moderator: Tom Panton, CEO, Canopey
15.10 - 15.50
Bring More of your Money Home: The A to Z of FX

Andrew Lansiquot, Relationship Manager, Worldfirst
Jacob McQuoid, Head of Business Development and Commercial Services, Avask
Moderator: Pete Harris, CEO, Warehow Limited
16.00 – 16.20
Revamping Your Online Business: Mastering Ecommerce Re-platforming for Success

David Meakin, Head of Partnerships & Solution Engineering, Shopline
Mirror Maison
16.30 - 17.10
Starting and Scaling a Global Marketplace

Gary Pelissier, Global Lead for Marketplace Product, Stripe
Moderator: Nick Wilsher, Director, NRW Ventures

Track 1 | Day 2

09.40 – 10:00
How Marketplaces Can Prepare For A More Sustainable Future

Tom Panton, CEO, Canopey
10.10 – 10.40
Driving Impact Through Innovation: How Emerging Technologies are Transforming Marketing Strategies and Preparing Brands for Tomorrow

Riccardo Scotti di Uccio, Head of Emerging Platforms, Meta
Isabel Perry, VP of Innovation, DEPT Agency
Maria Koutsoudakis, Brand Director, Vodafone
Moderator: Michael Bayler, Co-founder and Principal, Decisionality
10.50 – 11.10
How AI is revolutionising the Global Trade Compliance Industry

Tom Panton, CEO, Canopey

Coffee Break

11.30 – 11.50
Peak Season, Peak Performance: Maximize your Performance this Holiday Season

Ralph Aoun, Marketing Manager, Meta
12.00 – 12.50
Unlocking the Potential and Exploring the Synergy of Mobile, Social and AI

Mollie Pearse, Head of Marketing | EMEA , Meta
Oliver Yonchev, CEO, Flight Story
Lucas Perraudin, Founder, Mula Digital
Deepak Anand, General Manager, Shopline
Jennifer McCloskey, Senior Manager, Global Government Affairs and Public Policy, Google
Moderator: Emma Jones, Lead - Digital Commerce Alliances and Retail & Luxury Strategic Partnerships, Department for Business and Trade

Lunch Break

14:00 – 14:40
Growing your International Sales with Confidence: Payments and Compliance

Jacob McQuoid, Head of Business Development and Commercial Services, Avask
Henry Hatton, Head of Sales, World First
Haroon Mohammed, Senior Business Development Manager, Worldline
Moderator: Chrystalla Spire, Event Producer, RWB
14.50 - 15.10
Down the Back of the Sofa: Finding Cash and Efficiencies in a Modern Amazon Business

Cameron Lennon, Sales Director, Europe, Getida
Pete Harris, CEO, Warehow
15.20 - 16.00
Future of Marketplaces

Francisco Campos, Chief Operations Officer, Onport | FARFETCH Group,
Håkan Thyr, Chief Revenue Officer, Fruugo
Moderator: Tom Panton, CEO, Canopy

Coffee Break

11.25 – 11.45
Why Brands Struggle in Today's China

Josh Gardner, CEO, Kung Fu Data
11.55 – 12.35
How to Navigate the Tax Maze to Enable Cross Border Success

Moderator: Zoe Feller, Partner, Bird & Bird
Rob Janering, VAT Partner, Crowe
Caroline Brown, Legal Director, Bird & Bird
Andy van Esdonk, Counsel, Bird & Bird
12.45 - 13.05
From Merchandising to Universal Storytelling: Winning Strategies for International Success

Alan Small, Head of EMEA Business Development & Partnerships, Wish

Lunch Break

14:00 – 14:20
Why Transitioning to a Sustainable and Ultimately Circular Economy is Inevitable and How Everyone Can Participate and Be Rewarded

David Friedrichs, CEO, Cerqular
14.30 - 15.10
Fabulous Fulfilment: Going Global

Moderator: TBC
Claire Prance, Commercial Director, SEKO
Dan Corbett, VP Sales EMEA, Auctane
Zornitsa Dobreva, Head of Services, Autofixa
Giorgio Vitale, Director of eCommerce, SEKO
15.20 – 15.40
Streamlining Efficiency and Synergy through Comprehensive Integration

Danail Deltchev, Technology Director, Hemi Connect
15.50 – 16.15
Expectations of Online Shoppers: Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

Habib Ansari, Country Head, UK, Worldline

Track 2 | Day 2

9.55 - 10.15
Second Hand Doesn’t Mean Second Best – Creating A Winning Customer Experience In The Second Hand Market

Moderator: Zornitsa Dobreva, Head of Services, Autofixa
Lucy Peacock, Head of Pre-loved Fashion, eBay
10.25 – 11.05
A Deep Dive Into The Delivery Solutions

Moderator: Pete Harris, CEO, Warehow
Dan Corbett, VP Sales EMEA, Auctane

Coffee Break

11.25 – 11.45
Retail Media: Advertising’s Fastest-growing Revenue Opportunity

Emmet Geaney, BD Director, Moloco
11.55 – 12.35
Accelerating Your Brand's Marketplace Sales And Marketplace Expansion

Moderator: Tom Panton, CEO, Canopy
Alan Chester, VP Commerce, Luzern
Allen Yu, Strategic Partner Consultant, Zalando
12.45 – 13.05
Many Happy Returns: The Art Of Painless Returns

Al Gerrie, CEO, ZigZag Global

Lunch Break

14.00 -14.20
AI and Automation changing CS and Customer Experience

Moderator: Michael Bayler, Co-founder and Principal, Decisionality
Brendan Hughes, Chief Commercial Officer, eDesk Insight
14.30 – 15.10
The Changing Role of Marketplace Operators

Moderator: Robert Turner, Partner, Bird & Bird
Rebecca O’Kelly-Gillard, Partner (Intellectual Property), Bird & Bird
Heather Catchpole, Associate (Data Protection), Bird & Bird
Jon Goldsworthy, Partner (Employment), Bird & Bird
15.20 - 15.40
Social Commerce and the Creator Evolution

Ben Muir, Founder & Head of Marketing, Unsociable Agency
15.50 - 16.10
Winning on China's Dynamic Marketplaces: 3 Key Strategies for Success

Jonathan Travers-Smith, Founder and CEO, Hot Pot China