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Simon Miss, International Business and Partner Developer at Cdiscount is announce as a speaker at the 2018 edition of Retail Without Borders

In a nutshell, can you describe how your company helps it’s customers?
Search Laboratory is an international digital marketing agency that helps its customers drive more revenue from their global websites.

What makes your company stand out from its competitors? Why such customers choose you?
Our clients choose to work with us because we have a unique offering that centralises multiple global campaigns through a single point of contact. This enables our clients to create integrated global strategies which are cost effective, as well as receive joined-up reporting and communication.
Our in-house international team is made up of mother-tongue speakers from across the world who have in-depth knowledge of their markets, including cultural differences. This allows us to create truly localised campaigns for our clients, giving them a competitive edge across international markets.
We also have a proprietary suite of tools and software which gives our customers access to insights that cannot be gained elsewhere. Our digital strategy team uses these insights to deliver a flexible, integrated strategy to ensure our clients get the best possible return from their digital investment across all channels.
We are one of only eight agencies based in the UK to be Google Analytics 360 Sales Partners, meaning that we have been accredited by Google to sell the enterprise version of Google Analytics and support its implementation and on-going servicing.

Which international markets are you seeing the biggest demand for your services and why do you think this is?
In our UK office the biggest demand for our services internationally is for mainland Europe, with France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy being the most prevalent. We find this is mainly because of the close proximity to the continent and also that these markets have similar search behaviour to the UK, in terms of internet users, online activity and spending online.
In our US office we also have a lot of demand for European work, but also for South America, to tap into the Latin countries surrounding them and increasingly more Chinese work is requested, due to the huge potential of this market.

What are your company’s requirements for becoming a customer?
We believe that going international requires a very clear digital strategy tailored to each market, and for that a significant financial commitment is essential.

How is your company looking to grow and adapt your product offering in this ever changing ecommerce landscape?
Over the past couple of years, we have noticed that digital marketing success can no longer be assessed looking at channel silos. Instead what is needed is an integrated digital strategy that looks at all stages of the customer buyer journey and delivers targeted advertising to increase the likelihood of purchase. We are seeing more clients come to us for full-service digital marketing which gives us and the client flexibility to really test what channels are working for them and how to effectively attribute spend to maximise results.
By choosing to work with the Google Marketing Platform as our preferred software stack, we believe we have the technology, people and innovations to grow and adapt with the market.

What do you think will be the next big thing in ecommerce and why?
Customer-centric marketing is becoming increasingly more important in ecommerce and we believe that brands will start to focus their efforts in delivering a truly personalised experience for their customers. Acknowledging that there are multiple touchpoints and channels in any route to purchase and bringing in offline data will be key to creating successful digital strategies.

Why did you want to be a part of Retail Without Borders?
We have been operating internationally since Search Laboratory was founded in 2005 and believe that international trade is becoming more important than ever for continued revenue streams, especially with the uncertainty that Brexit brings to the UK market, and we are keen to help retailers take advantage of this.

What are you most looking forward to at Retail Without Borders London 2019?
We are looking forward to speaking to retailers about their growth plans and sharing our client success stories that may help these businesses on their journey.

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