Meet the Speaker | Simon Miss, International Business & Partnership Developer at Cdiscount

Simon Miss, International Business and Partner Developer at Cdiscount is announce as a speaker at the 2018 edition of Retail Without Borders

French marketplaces are a great first step for any UK retailer looking to expand internationally or for those looking to deepen their international roots. Today we are chatting to Simon Miss for Cdiscount who will be speaking at this year’s Retail Without Borders.

Pentagon: Hi Simon. What was the last thing you bought online?

Simon Miss: Comics.

P: What is your favourite ecommerce store (apart from Cdiscount) and why?

SM: Fnac, because of their broad variety in tech products.

P: Where is your favourite place in the world and why?

SM: Pyrenees Mountain, because I can find the quietness I missed in town.

P: What is your most used social media channel and how often do you check it?

SM: Facebook, every hour…that’s too much I know.

P: Where do you go to get the latest industry news and updates?

SM: Madyness.   

P: What is the most exciting ecommerce news/update you have heard recently?

SM: That Monoprix is about to buy

P: Where do you think ecommerce will be in five years?

SM: I believe that the way of doing the grocery shopping (food wise) will be extremely different. The connection virtual reality, furniture connected, dash technology…

P: What most excites you about your role and gets you up in the morning?

SM: My job is to make everybody’s life easier, so I am happy to see that partnerships I build are helping sellers will cross-border trade.

P: If you had to invite four people to a business lunch, who would they be and why?

SM: Elon Musk (space x), Hiroshi Yamauchi (Nintendo),  Muhammad Yunus (Grameen Bank – microcredit),  Robert Owen (New Lanark) . To me, they are all about what the future should be about (even if half of them are dead): Pugnacity, imagination, humanity and empowerment.

P: Why have you chosen to speak at Retail Without Borders 2018?

SM: It is always an honour to represent the “French delegation” and promote the Cdiscount Marketplace during this major ecommerce event.

If you want to find out more about Cdiscount, you can meet Simon face-to-face at Retail Without Borders on the 15th March 2018. To claim your seat, register below.


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