Meet the Speaker | Eri Nishikawa, Account Manager at Yahoo! Japan

Eri Nishikawa, from Yahoo! Japan to speak at online marketplace conference Retail Without Borders

We have been chatting to another of our fantastic speakers, and today are delighted introduce Eri Nishikawa from Yahoo! Japan as a keynote speaker.

Eri joined YJ Marketing (100% subsidiary of Yahoo! JAPAN) to focus on supporting companies outside Japan expand their businesses in Japan. Eri is responsible for the account management of oversea's clients and new business acquisitions. She helps clients maximise their business opportunities by increasing their sales and raising their brand awareness, using various products available in Yahoo! JAPAN.

Prior to YJ Marketing, Eri worked for a digital marketing agency in London, managing clients’ PPC campaigns in over 30 markets and was also responsible for complex multi-language marketing localisation campaigns.

Pentagon: Hi Eri. What was the last thing you bought online?

Eri Nishikawa: A dress making pattern.

P: What is your favourite ecommerce store (apart from Yahoo! Japan) and why?

EN: Amazon for their wide range of products.

P: Where is your favourite place in the world and why?

EN: London, because it's diverse and embraces all cultures to co-exist.

P: What is your most used social media channel and how often do you check it?

EN: Instagram, I check it everyday.

P: Where do you go to get the latest industry news and updates?

EN: eMarketer Retail.

P: What is the most exciting ecommerce news/update you have heard recently?

EN: ZOZOTOWN (the biggest fashion EC site in Japan) is providing “ZOZOSUIT" for free. It's a bodysuit which measures you by putting it on, so you can order clothes that fit you perfectly. I think the concept is very innovative and futuristic.

P: Where do you think ecommerce will be in five years?

EN: Some drastic changes in logistics with use of automation and AI.

P: What most excites you about your role and gets you up in the morning?

EN: It’s very exciting to see our clients discover ways to grow in Japan with Yahoo! JAPAN’s services.

P: How are Yahoo! Japan changing the retail industry?

EN: Free to open a store on Yahoo! Shopping

P: If you had to invite four people to a business lunch, who would they be and why?

EN: Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and Chrlie Brooker. I’m interested to know what the future will be like with the use of AI. Charlie Brooker will be there to come up with some potential tragedies that could happen due to the development of AI like in the Blackmirror episodes!

P: Why have you chosen to speak at Retail Without Borders 2018?

EN: To inform retailers in UK about Yahoo! Shopping to increase business opportunities and be successful in Japan.

Yahoo! Japan
If you want to find out more about Yahoo! Japan you can meet Eri face-to-face at Retail Without Borders on the 15th March 2018. To claim your seat, register below.


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