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Simon Miss, International Business and Partner Developer at Cdiscount is announce as a speaker at the 2018 edition of Retail Without Borders

In a nutshell, can you describe how ShipStation helps it’s customers?
ShipStation is a cloud-based solution for every online seller. Wherever they sell, however they deliver. Multi-cart and multi-courier. All in one interface. It empowers every merchant to process and dispatch orders as efficiently as a big box retailer. On average, merchants cut their fulfilment efforts in half and reduce costs thanks thanks to additional courier choices and fewer errors. That’s how ShipStation became the #1 choice for online sellers.

What makes ShipStation stand out from its competitors? Why should customers choose you?
We truly serve every online business, no matter how big or small, 5 million or 50 parcels a month – we have the right concept and the right plan. We start at £7.00, per month and we also serve Enterprise clients with custom SLAs, dedicated Enterprise Account Managers, etc.

Some of our competitive advantages:

  • The product experience. We provide an instant ROI as soon as a merchant connects selling channels. To see their entire business come together in one place, in a clean customisable dashboard, with almost unlimited ways to automate things is a light bulb moment and from there, users wonder what the hell they were doing all these years.

  • We offer every merchant a full stack of branding features. This includes a customisable tracking page, returns portal, branded notification emails, packing slips etc. We want every merchant to look professional and provide a seamless, branded shopping experience for the user.

  • 150+ integrations: Every relevant cart, courier, inventory, listing… really everything to make multi-channel selling and fulfilment easy, efficient and scalable.
    We take pride in providing day and night multi-channel support for all our users around the globe

  • A dedicated Ecommerce Expert is always just a click away and we go every extra mile to explain how a label printer works or which other marketplaces a merchant could try out. Many of us have our own store and we all know exactly what matters to our users.

  • Big discounts on postage, even for the smallest sellers: we offer up to 78% off retail prices on Parcelforce, DPD and Hermes. Without courier commitments, paperwork, contracts. Every merchant can choose to bring their own courier account or use ours. Or both. It’s all about offering choices without adding complexity.

  • We offer a free trial and we really mean free: no credit card needed, it ends automatically. No limitations, and all features are available at no cost for a month.

Which international markets are you seeing the biggest demand for your services and why do you think this is?
First of all, we love to do business in the UK: British merchants are really ambitious to sell across multiple channels, provide a memorable, branded shopping experience and they shop for the best postal couriers for each parcel. They mix and match on both ends. That’s exactly what we can help with and this value prop is attractive for everyone who wants to grow, in every market. Selling on five channels should not require five times the effort.
Globally, ShipStation is the # 1 solution in the US for Amazon Sellers (source:, we are very popular in Canada, the UK and Australia as well. We are in discussions with Postal Couriers across Europe to add new countries whenever we can provide the same value based on courier coverage and rates.

What are your company’s requirements for becoming a customer?
Every merchant can sign up, connect his store and start printing labels within minutes. For the UK, users can bring their own account, e.g. a Royal Mail OBA, and keep their rates. Or they use our negotiated rates with Hermes, DPD and Parcelforce and enjoy up to 78% off retail rates without signing any contracts or commitments. A courier account is not a requirement – merchants can mix and match across all options without using different portals and workflows.

How is your company looking to grow and adapt your product offering in this ever changing ecommerce landscape?
The “freedom of choice” is deeply ingrained in our company DNA – and code base. That’s why we integrate with 150+ partners. That number is an indicator of our adaptability for new selling platforms, couriers and other business opportunities. Other examples: we were the first in our space to offer a Mobile app to manage all fulfilment tasks “on the go”. And we have integrated Natural-Language-Processing – extracting an address or order data from unstructured notes – and voice- technology into our software so merchants can multitask.
But more important than “cool” technology: we solve real problems. We talk to thousands of merchants around the globe every day. We listen. We see how businesses grow, how and why someone who started with a few orders on eBay last year now sells on Amazon, Etsy, his own store and creates batches with thousands of shipping labels now.
Analysing these success stories, combined with empathy for SMBs and their challenges is what drives our road map. That’s how ShipStation started, as an eBay plugin basically, and the value-driven, pragmatic spirit is still the same. So I’d say: Empathy + Analyses = Success.

What do you think will be the next big thing in ecommerce and why?
We don’t really put our bets on “one big thing”, we are in the business to allow every merchant to create or find their next big thing. For some merchants, the right strategy is to sell and dispatch with Amazon-esque efficiency and speed. Others focus on a designed shopping experience, nicely wrapped and personalised deliveries. Then there’s FBA, 3PL, cross-border – so many different strategies. And merchants rightfully mix & match. To make all these options available to every seller, no matter how small the business is, that is the next big thing. Our goal is to democratise ecommerce. Level the playing field.
We want to solve the – usually unsexy – fulfilment part for everyone, no matter what they’re selling or what their delivery approach is. To free them up so they can focus on the reasons why they became a merchant: sourcing or building products and connecting with audiences. And making money, of course.

Why did you want to be a part of Retail Without Borders?
Selling into other countries and handling international shipments in an easy, scalable way is in ShipStations DNA: many of our merchants came to us because we integrate with every Amazon locale and because they can print custom forms etc. with us. We often hear “I would not be able to handle international expansion without your product”. Of course we want to connect at RWB to be part of the many “big next things” on that matter.

What are you most looking forward to at Retail Without Borders London 2019?
Inspiring conversations with merchants, suppliers, carts, couriers. Of course we are curious about opinions and approaches regarding Brexit, cross-border returns and creating the perfect shopping experience.

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