[VIDEO] In conversation with James Storie-Pugh | How to sell successfully on Italian marketplace ePRICE

Italy is may be slightly late to the ecommerce party, but it is currently seeing significant market growth – outstripping its European counterparts. ePRICE is one of Italy’s leading online marketplaces, specialising in consumer electronics, IT and gaming. Today at Pentagon, we sit down with James Storie-Pugh, Ecommerce Director at ePRICE, to understand a little more about how British brands can benefit from this growing marketplace and how they can maximise their online success: Discover:
  • why British retailers should sell on ePRICE
  • the best product categories and product gaps
  • what a typical ePRICE buyer looks like
  • what makes an ePRICE seller successful
  • ePRICE’s promotional tools
  • the cost of selling on ePRICE
  • and why sellers should be looking to expand to Italy
If you want more information about selling on ePRICE, or  any of our listed marketplaces, get in touch with the Pentagon team by emailing: hello@wearepentagon.com or calling: +44 (0)20 8940 5392


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