Shaped by previous delegates, Retail Without Borders is focused on providing an educational forum where retailers and ecommerce innovators can share, discuss and collaborate on ideas to accelerate online success.

This two day ecommerce event will introduce marketplace platforms from around the world and share case studies from successful online retailers as part of panel and keynote discussions.



Track 1 - 30 March 2022

March 2020 / March 2022 - It's a Whole New Marketplace World

Leading Ecommerce journalist, Chloe Thomas, will guide us through the significant changes to the online marketplace sector as a result of the pandemic and provide an overview of the current trends.
Panel | Marketplaces and High Streets: A Two-Way Flourishing Opportunity

As a result of the pandemic, the High Street has had to expedite its plans to operate successfully in conjunction with online marketplaces. Hear from Andrew Goodacre, the CEO of Bira, the leading trade association for independent retailers in the UK, and the specialist marketplace, Neartoo, how this is being achieved.
Innovations in the Global Marketplace - eBay 2022

eBay’s Murray Lambell, the VP of trading, will bring us up to date with the recent innovations and developments introduced by eBay to its platform.
Forbidden Commerce - China 2022

Has the pandemic changed the prospects of selling successfully into China? What are the risks? Josh Gardner, the CEO of Kung Fu Data, leading service provider for the sector in China, will guide us through the current landscape.
Panel | B2B Marketplaces: A Solution for International Growth

This panel explores how wholesale marketplaces provide an attractive route to market that can help UK brands grow internationally. Hosted by DIT’s Digital Exporting Programme, we will be joined by Faire, the B2B marketplace platform that connects independent retailers with brand owners to buy and sell online. We will also be joined by a Faire seller to share their experience of working with Faire and how it has enabled them to grow their wholesale business in Europe and/or North America.

The Growth of the Marketplace and Platform Economy with Fruugo and Adyen

Explore how accelerated retailer adoption of marketplaces and platforms presents new challenges as businesses endeavour to adapt and meet the changing needs of their customers. Hear how Fruugo and Adyen have approached the last two years, their successes and challenges and what they believe the next 5 years hold for marketplaces and platforms alike.
The Evolution of the Marketplace: Towards International Inclusiveness Through Fulfillment

Romain Roy, Head of B2B Sales and Partnership, will answer your questions about Rakuten's unique ecosystem and its brand new logistics service: the Rakuten Fulfillment Network.
Keynote | Building for Scale

In this fast changing world of multichannel retail, there are more and more opportunities for merchants to grow. New selling channels, more countries. The world is your oyster.
But where do you place your bets, and how do you ensure your business can cope when things really take off?
Mike will walk you through how to build a business that will scale, powering your growth, and delighting both your customers and staff.
Panel | A More Sustainable Business Strategy (1): Supporting the Green Economy

The topic that is on everyone’s mind – how can we operate in a way that is more sustainable? This panel will explore the issue and provide insights as to how we can, as an industry, achieve sustainability.

Track 2 - 30 March 2022

Panel | Taking the Consumer Experience to the Next Level

Did the payments landscape change due to the pandemic, and how did it help evolve the consumer experience?
How can payments accelerate platform and marketplace growth?
A key focus for Adyen is unified commerce, can you explain what this is and how unified commerce simplifies selling and improves the consumer experience?
How can businesses use payment related customer insights to build a better experience?
The consumer experience tackles everything from checkout to risk management and beyond. What are the best practices for managing payment transaction risk to offer the best buying experience?
What does the next 5 years bring for payments and the consumer experience?
Bring More of Your Money Home when Selling across Borders

Global payments not
paying off for your online business? OFX are specialists in currency management. In this session
they’ll cover tools to help you manage your global payments and how to navigate foreign exchange
risk – which could save you time and money.
As Your Business Grows, the Complexity Doesn’t Have to - A Seamless Approach to Selling Globally

GS1 standards are more than just the black and white lines you see on your products. They allow you to seamlessly trade across multiple territories and channels, all by using a standard, interoperable approach to sharing data. This means, as your business grows, the complexity doesn’t have to.
And, as consumers demand more information about your products, on everything from nutritional value to recyclability of the packaging to the product’s carbon footprint, GS1 standards enable greater transparency that allow you to exceed customer expectations.
Fireside Chat with Dexi: Unlock the Power of DaaS and Limitless Data

DaaS (Data as a Service) is revolutionising the way marketplaces and brands measure, benchmark and optimise their business performance. Previously building your own data strategy and dashboarding eco-system was the prerogative of elite technology firms, now Dexi unlocks the potential of 'limitless data' to everybody without the need to 'buy in more SaaS tools'.

This fireside chat looks at the latest trends and considerations for marketplace and eCommerce data. How to increase automation and efficiency across the business and leverage 'limitless data' to scale exponentially.

Surfing the Wave of Returns in the Post-Pandemic World

Increased sales mean increased returns – how has the returns industry sector addressed the issue? Al Gerrie, CEO of ZigZag Global and leading expert in international delivery and returns, will guide us through the issues.
Enabling a Seamless Online Payment Experience for Your Consumers

Isavella Frangou, the VP of Sales and Marketing at payabl, is a specialist in online payments and fintech and has worked closely with ecommerce merchants. During this session she will explore the processes behind, and the value of, seamless online payments.
Workshop | Discovering eBay Fulfilment

Track 1 - 31 March 2022

Coupang's Guide to Korea's Booming Ecommerce Market

Wired, prosperous and densely populated – it’s no wonder Korea is the world’s 4th largest ecommerce market and its appetite for online shopping shows no signs of waning. If you’re a cross-border seller, Korea and Coupang, the country’s leading ecommerce platform, should be firmly on your list. Since its launch in 2010, Coupang has changed the way Koreans shop online. Now, it is about to change the way you sell by showing you how to leverage Coupang’s massive customer base, support tools and promotional functionalities to ensure your Korean sales journey is a success.
Panel | Fulfilling the Ecommerce Boom

The expansion in marketplace sales has necessitated innovation in the fulfilment world, find out how this is being achieved at this panel session at which you will hear from leading providers of shipping software, Shipstation, Singapore marketplace, Sift and Pick.
Marketplaces Tomorrow with Deloitte

We will hear from Nick Wilsher of Deloitte about the ways that marketplaces are developing to become better places to do business; what trends are emerging, where is funding going and what technologies might be positioned to disrupt marketplaces.
Entering the Pan African Ecommerce Market

The marketplace, Jumia, will highlight key, current issues.
Insight Q&A with eBay

Current, key issues are explored with eBay.
Tailoring the marketplace opportunity for your own business growth

In this session Emma Cole, Global Seller Experience Manager at Mirakl, will start by discussing the marketplace opportunity for retailers today and how retailers can tailor the marketplace business model to their own business and assortment needs in order to meet the evolving needs of their customers- and grow. Join this session if you would like to learn how you can use marketplaces to achieve your business and assortment goals whilst remaining aligned to your brand DNA.

Shedding Light on the B2B Ecommerce Market with

The importance of B2B marketplaces for international sales is growing., the world’s largest B2B marketplace explains why and the future for B2B marketplaces.
Panel | One-Stop-Shop: The Impact of the Changes to EU VAT Rules for Online Marketplace Sales

IOSS has been a huge challenge for marketplaces and sellers alike – what has its impact been? This panel session will navigate the key issues with Avalara, the leading VAT consultancy for the Ecommerce industry.
Panel | The Marketplace Revolution: Increasing Revenue by Leveraging Data-Automation and AI

Today’s consumer is bombarded with images on a daily basis, scrolling nearly 91 meters worth of visual content on their mobile devices. Increased image consumption and greater reliance on marketplaces for daily shopping trips is changing consumer preferences at an unprecedented speed. We share the secret sauce on how leading brands and marketplaces are leveraging the latest data automation and AI technology to revolutise conversion rates and increase revenues.

Track 2 - 31 March 2022

Panel | A More Sustainable Business Strategy (2): Pre-Loved

Focussing again on sustainability, we explore the Pre-Loved sector with eBay.
From up to Date, to up to Data: Boosting Online Sales by Leveraging Data

Accurate data is at the heart of successful selling on marketplaces This session will provide insight into how to leverage data to assist in increasing your sales.
Panel | A Roadmap to Operational Success in Europe

From tax, to working in multiple currencies, and juggling several marketplaces, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to expanding your online business in Europe. OFX, AVASK, Channel Engine, and Allegro come together in this panel to discuss how the right partnerships can help you achieve success.

Panel | Catching up with Consumer Behaviour Shift Post-Pandemic

Leading marketplaces, Matt Purt, CEO of the UK marketplace Secret Sales, Alan Small, Head of EMEA Business Development & Partnerships at the US marketplace, Wish, and the French marketplace, CDiscount, discuss changes in consumer behaviour with Pete Harris, CEO of Warehow Limited.
How to keep cross border trade switched on

Panel | How to Effectively List and Optimise Your Products Online

We shed light on how to list effectively and optimise successfully during this panel session with GS1.